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Vorsprung durch Technik…

…as they say in Germany, but as our MA Social Media group met today for the second time to discuss the planning around our forthcoming event it was less ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ and more ‘Vorsprung durch Kaffee, Kuchen und Unterhaltung’ (advancement through good, old-fashioned coffee, cake and chat).

Having been nominated to chair the group (an honour or a poisoned chalice? –the jury’s out) I felt we generally needed a bit more urgency in decision-making. We’ve had a tendency to get stuck in circular discussions which has sometimes felt a bit like herding cats and today really could have gone either way.

However, I am pleasantly surprised at the progress we seem to be making. Our brief is fairly simple – put on a social media event, decide a format, promote it, run it and then report back on it – but when you consider that between our group we represent seven countries and a fairly broad age and experience range, all of a sudden the task isn’t quite as straightforward.

After some initial revisiting of previous decisions followed by a spot of ‘speed-democracy decision-making’ we now have a format – the event will feature a series of keynotes followed by smaller discussion groups around the themes of:

  • We Tweet – I Tweet – an exploration of how Twitter can be useful in a wide variety of situations from mobilising a community to marketing a product;
  • Our Stories, Our Lives, Our Truths – a look at the role of storytelling and the relationships between mainstream and social media.

Just need a venue and some key speakers to attract the punters, a bit of publicity and we’re there!

There really is no substitution for getting round a table, chewing the fat and making some decisions. Ironic really, considering the event will be all around the use of digital tools but then again it does underline the symbiotic relationship between on and offline working.

If things continue to go this well I may consider offering my services to the UN…